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Login: graham Name: Graham Smith
Directory: /home/graham Shell: /bin/bash
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No mail.
No project.


Monday 16 March, 2009..............

Coz I can. And I did.


Thursday 22 Febuary, 2007...........

Well. I think it is a fact the no one actually comes to visit this site anymore, except for me. Such is life I guess.
I still have no plan. I work for ACS now... the true server gods on this earth. i hope I am worthy enough.

Monday 29 November, 2004.............

Another random update, that no-one will ever give a rats-ass about! I have no job!!! I am now one of the dole-budging degenerates that plauge our hard working society.
*sigh* Why do we even bother getting up out of bed???

Tuesday 23rd December, 2003..........

I have no idea why I am doing this. No one will EVER read this, in fact, no one will EVER care. Except me. Isnt that silly. Maybe one day, someone will find this .plan, and say "Wow, graham actually did care. Lets make a statue in his honour.


Not likely. At least not in this reality.
Merry Xmas and all that guff.
Tuesday 12th Febuary, 2002............

Cool. I actually logged in and updated my .plan, after nearly 2 years of not logging in. Yay for me. I suppose I should go and check my mail, seeing as i havent read it for god-damn ages....

Sunday, 7th May, 2000............

And yet again, i am having fun in the shed, reveling in the drunken stupor of my friends. God damn, i did not know that 'wassup!!!!!' could provide sooo much entertainment for the entire evening. And Brook, well, what else can i say... the can of spray paint was TOTALLY unhealthy. (hehehehhe).
Well, what else can i say....

'Just having a beer, watching the game.'



Wednesday 29th March, 2000......

YAY, i am alive... after the evils of the Fire Water. Goddamn i'm going to get u all back!!!!! anyways i guess thats all for now. when i have anything of even minor interest, then i might wake up and tell u about it......well, mabey not.


(Addition to the last enrty....)
i wish to thank all at OSOAL for letting me take up valuable space on their web server, with respect to the home page and the finger section, and copying my html stuff over to GNU, and yeah, in a world full of madness and all that other stuff, we gone.


Sunday 30th January, 2000.......

Hello and welcome the the next century kids, and i hope that everyone has their lunches packed and dancing shoes on, coz life is going to be a drug and alcohol induced ride of your life, so hold onto the seat of your pants, this ones going down to the wire!!!!!!
i now have hockey gear, so i can now safely be killed, with no threat of actual death occuring to my personage.
Apart from that, life is still the same. No plan, no project.

Ah well, I got paid!!!!!!! Good bye now!

Wednesday 11th November.......

I need money to but in-line hockey gear, so i can play and get killed, and then the world will be a better place with one less mouth to feed..... i wonder y i just said that, but never mind. thats about all for now, hope u all enjoyed the show, and come back again.


Sunday 10th October.....

I AM FREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I no longer go out with kathleen, the shackles are off, and i ca nlive my life how i want it to for once.
i was sad, and depressed, but after playing 2 hours of in-line hockey.....
i feel great!!!!!
yay for me


Monday 20th September.......

I am now living at home, and it feels good. I like to be able to do the things that i like to do, like stay up late playing KoRn and breaking my puter.
I think that i will stay wiht my olds for a few weeks, then go faltting wiht a friend, but i havent given it much thought. Nevermind, its all good.
I think i'll go now....


Wedensday, 15th September.....

Well, it is done. i have killed my dog, and I feel bad. But i can find comfort in the fact that i tried my best to keep him alive, even though I failed.
My next step is to get out of that evil place, and actually live my life the way that i want to.
and you know, i might acutally do it for once.....

Tuesday, 17th August.......

YAyayayYAYA for me, i have updated my .plan after a looooooonnnngggg time.... not that anyone really gives a flying watermelon, but hey, no matter. and i'm waffling. Anyhowzit, i am recovering from my hernia operation, and i dont want to go back to work, but then again, no one does. i still have no life, but then i havent really made an effort to get another one, and i lost my receipt for my current life... ooppsee.
but i digress.

Wednesday, 17th Febuary....

many thanks to gareth for my medical files... it actually made me smile and forget the misery for awhile.
This is for anyone who cares, not many do, but hey...
I have a hernia, and I am going to have to have an operation to have it fixed in the near future. I am going to have it done privately, so its going to cost alot of money. But it aches all the time, and it make life harder than it already is. Not that anyone really cares.

Saturday, 13th Febuary.... 1999!!! yay. not

well, life still sucks
so there
will there ever be an end???


Monday, 24th August... the zest for life has gone...

why is there hate in the world, and why does there haveto be feelings of loneliness and dispair.
i have no life, or a plan.
why is this so?

Tuesday, 18th August.. the day...

I am trying to figure out a new home page for myself, but seeing as i dont have any creative spark (or zest, for that matter), i am unable to think of anything good. Or anything at all. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them on the comments page, or send me some e mail.
I like to get e mail, especially since the only person who sends me e mail is the sans superuser, telling me my account usage for that week. oh neat.

Sunday, 16th August.. another day of laziness and bummness...

Well, thats another week over and done with, and i still havent done anything useful. I an in the process of looking for a place for me and kathleen to live in, but we are not having too much luck. *shrug* ahh well, never mind
(this update has no meaning, but hey, u dont ever need a meaning for anything)
or something.

Thursday, 13th August... the day of lame.

I did nothing today, I didnt go to any of my lectures, I am sooo lame.
Therefore, I still dont have a plan, but never mind.
I was never very organised.


YAY!! Thanks to the efforts of Gareth, and Lincoln, i now have a .plan. I still dont have an actual plan, but hey, umm, yeah.
When I do have a plan, i will let u all know