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David the Code-Monkey (2nd level Programmer)

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 3
Charisma: 0
Hitpoints: 4/4
Mana: 5/5

21 June 2002
Baked beans
Rubbish bags
Hair fudge

15 October
Today i plan to fill the empty spaces

3 June
That gtk mud client is a bit screwed
Keeps coredumping on me, well it would if gnome
let it coredump instead of asking me if i want to
send a bug report to myself because maybe i am
that retarded.

Released QuakeMUD v1.5b

Working on the net-code for kommanda spleen
Which is now being written in c++

Oh yeah, why the fuck does vi act completely
differently on each machine i run it on.

Drink of the day (tm)

`The drink with no name'
1 Quart Scotch Whisky
2 Quarts freshly squeazed milk
Put in a barrel, top with cotton candy.
Feed to the homeless.

29 Aug
DM: Okay, there's a small party of furious orcs charging at you. Roll for initiative.
God: NO
DM: Fine I'll roll for you,
DM: You go first.

6 Aug
Working on a gtk mud client

Drink of the day (tm)

`Mars Polar Lander'
1 count white chocolate liqueur
1 ice cube, crushed
fill with red sambuca

12 May

Wrote QuakeMUD v0.1a
a mud style quake game.
still working on the mud library.

20 April

Made arms agreement with small facist third world nation.
Manufacturing super-warriors for the invasion.
Found all but 1 of the 11 secret herbs and spices.
Completing construction of hideout in remote pacific island (Skull Island, noone will suspect a thing).
Infiltrate united nations.
Control world media.
Choose a better costume (pink isn't as fearsome as I first thought)
Recruit more evil henchmen.

3:41 October the 18

Finally, my socket code is beginning to work.
Implemented a socket primitive that has a send queue
and performs non-blocking socket IO using the glib IO polling
in a glib main loop.
Rewrote socket primitive to be more versatile ( and primitive ).
Dalnet is splitting again.

`Tequila Super Nova'
1 oz two worms tequila
1 oz orange liqueur
slash of lemon juice
4 drops of tobasco sauce

8:31 Wednesday September the 22

Anouncing, "8 Bit Hits volume 1" a compilation
CD of famous cyberspace hits from popular artists.
Only US $21.95 + pnp.

Track - Song Title - Artist/Band
000 - No route to my true love - System V
001 - Connection refused - Hacker Joe
010 - man woman - the Alert-Bell Tones
011 - kill -9 me - core
100 - halt - Administrator
101 - zImage in D minor - the devices
110 - Host not found - TCP/IP
111 - 0 9-17 * * 1-5 work - Polly Darton

also, evil drink of the day:

'Fuck I'm not drinking that shit'
20ml vodka,
1 cube of beef OXO,
2 oz red sambuca
season with parmesan

11:48 Sunday July the 11th
Added a Horoscope page to the website.
Drink of the past few months

'Not very deadly nightshade'
50ml vodka
3 oz Chasseur
1 oz lemonade

11:03 Friday the yAY!
Undrinkable Real drink of the day

'Mexican Dog-shit(tm)'
1 part vodka
1 part baileys
3 pars ginger beer

Drink before it goes solid

21:52 Sunday the Graham's 21st
Drinkable Drink of the Day(tm)

'Under the Reaper's Scythe'
2 parts vault 88
2 parts lemonade
1 part Purple Death

Drink, repeat if necessary.

17:23 Thursday the Christmas Eve
Drinkable Drink of the Day(tm)

1 Tijuana Mex


the 1st minute of the 16th hour of the 11th day of the 12th month of the
1998th year A.D
Commenced work on an image editor for Kommanda Spleen.

Drinkable Drink of the Day(tm)

1 Havana Gold


the 27th minute of the 18th hour of the 5th day of the 12th month of the
1998th year A.D

Commenced work om Kommanda Spleen again. Expect to see hype and then
a disappointing change in plan.

Drinkable Drink of the Day(tm)

'Slimy Mary'

1 cup hot brazillian coffee
2 shots Canterbury Cream, Swiss Chocolate

Stir with straw, sip

11:01pm, something'th day of the fuck'd if i know

Drink of the Day(tm)
(Yeah i know, it's all been a _really_ big day oKAY!)

'Eyes water Ears bleed'

1 part tourpentine
1 part Anti-freeze
3 parts McAndrews Shortbread
2 parts gelatin

Serve on a stick, keep out of reach of children

14:10, 6th Day of You Know What
Last night i dreamt that my old primary school had been converted into a type of open air
surgery. people were being hacked up, sticked back together
i went there to get some strepsils and a panadol.
they didnt have any.
the guy behind me in the line had to have his head cut in half.
anyway noone would serve me so i god bored and pinched a clever that someone was going to use.
i ran around the grounds for a while.
then i got bored and gave the cleaver back.
the owner was relieved.
i went home.
i also dreamt of some crime fighting fish.
i tought one of them how to harmonize.

im wearing a matternity shirt
i havent confirmed this, but im sure of it
i put the pieces together a few months ago
1) it has buttons on the left side
2) it's enormous
3) mum had it
i cant remember what i was doing when at the time, but one day i said to myself "My god, im wearing a matternity shirt"?
ive committed myself to it already. i always forget what it is when i put it on.
i wonder if people i walk past on the sidewalk think to themselves "Wow, she's recovered well"

day after
Dont drink the drink of yesterday, its evil.
last line of the recipe should read 'dont serve'
this has been a public service announcement

18:19, 11th Sept, Day of you know what and you know where and you know why
Executed a nice move yesterday, now dubbed the 'Ski jump over a hill'
which ive tried several times to repeat today in the hope of perfecting it
and adding it to my arsenal ( of currently one move, dubbed 'twistie stick' ).
Peace everyone.

Drink of the Day (tm):
"Nectar of the Dogs"
4 parts White wine
1 part Gordans Gin
2 part tonic water

0:22am, 5th Sept, Day of extreme procrastination, 5th Sept
Handed my violin in today to be restringed, and the bow to be rehaired
Coding priority now is a nice version of Kurts Quest ( i'm ashamed of the old code )

Drink of the Day (tm): ( also a real life drinkable drink )
"Hairless Snail"
3 parts White Wine
2 parts Pineaple juice ( failing that, any juice other than black currant shoult work )
serve cold

Yay tests next week

18:23, Day of procrastination, 11th August
7 day's til KoRN!!!!!!!!
work on Chaos Theory has been suspended as of the commencement of trimester 2 of Varsity.
Development will re-commence in a few weeks.

Computer Science due in tomorrow :( Must do that first.

Drink of the Day (tm): ( this time a real life drinkable drink )
1 part Rossi D'asiago Green Melon Snaps
1 part Pacific Punch with Apple Base Just Juice
3 parts Schweppes Lemonade
1 straw
1 glass
Serve cold

21:17, Day of torential rain, 1st July
A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. Drew some sprites for some
weapons & their ammo. Should try putting them in the game now, and writing some
weapon code. New weapons:
Board with a nail through it (Gareth insisted)
Rifle ('Default' weapon, ammoless)
Anti-matter ball launcher

Must draw lots of different explosion animations.