When Monks Attack!

Act IV, Scene I

Geordi and Rasputin find themselves in the seedy underbelly of the big city, the muted sounds of gun fire and police sirens echo hauntingly in the distance.

Meanwhile, deep in the english country-side...

Geordi: Tickets please
Rasputin: Ah ha! Wheres your precious god now?
Children: HE'S BEHIND YOU!

It feels like rain

Geordi and Rasputin climb a hill, Ghost has new mail.
Rasputin: I have a beer, maybe thats all I need to be free.
Ghost: wOoOooOo
Built to out-last its creators

Rasputin: Antiseptic protects your family
Geordi: It came from africa!

playtime started early

Act IV, Scene II

Geordi and Rasputin walk past a decrepid apartment building.
Background voice 1: hey fuck you bitch!
Background voice 2: kiss my ass you fucker, fucken deal with it you good for nothing white trash gutter bucket.
Geordi: Theres no right and wrong, no black and white, its just all grey
Rasputin: Like a spiritual elephant
Small woodland aminals would often come to the watering hole to slake their thirst

Narrator: it came from the dEeP!
it kIlls for pLeAsUrE!!!
come see it if you dArE!!!!
bring a friend!!! dont walk home alonE!
stARing miCkey ROONEy as the heAd!!


Geordi and Rasputin discover a plot element.
Geordi: My favorite!.
Rasputin: It wasnt a real lavender, rather it was a lavender of evil!
Knight to King Seven

Rasputin: If you dont pay the piper, the piper wont play.
Geordi: Your truth is no good.
Please kill me

Geordi: the red lights and blue lights chase me around the room
An old woman offers Geordi $5 sucky sucky, love him long time

Willful sin brings demonic acts

Act IV, Scene III

A cyclist rides up to Rasputin, enthusiaticly singing verses from greensleaves, and offers him some "magic" beans.
Rasputin: It can only be a sign.
Geordi: Now theres alot of blood.
Rasputin shows his piece, cyclist glances around nervously and hastily rides off
The devil is inside you

Rasputin: Stop staring at me.
Geordi: no.
This next one is for all you lovely ladies out there

Rasputin: Ive got tone!
Geordi: Fire!
Rasputin: Rock beats scissors!
Geordi: I am actually a robot. Whrrr, clank.
And this one is for the Sarge

Light entertainment

Act IV, Scene IV

Narrator: Hey Kids, What does Wiggly Worm Have to Say?
Wiggly-Worm: The idea that communist ideals support the worker is false, instead their regimes serve merely to oppress freedom of expression by enforcing conformity. Even democratic governments, once they have reached a reasonable size, are incapable of serving the needs of its citizens. Instead they become controlled by self absorbed bureaucrats and fanatical special interest groups relying on the apathy of the population rather than any coherent plan. The one true guarantee of selfness is anarchy. So remember kids; play nice, or kill your enemies.
Geordi: Wiggly Worm has 'issues'.
Rasputin: Im watching the spiders dance on the ceiling.
I am a lumberjack

In harms way

Rasputin: He didnt know he was playing, but everyone is playing whether they like it or not.
Geordi: This reminds me of my childhood.
His nesting instict was strong

One beer to rule them all, one beer to find them. One beer to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Act IV, Scene V

Rasputin: The masked man is thinking really fast in the room on the hill, I can see the girl tied to the bed. I am a peice of paper of paper, have you written on me or have i written on you I can see the glass people, i have ridden the winged horsed of jabberwockey. I love you so much. I am the devil, am I you or have I just forgotten. The lines run in the same direction, the wrong way. no. put me in the corner, put me in the mirror, I can eat the mulit coloured pebble light me up and show me the stains put me in the shadows, put me in your soul tree eyes.

Religious Fundamentalism With Alcoholic Overtones Needs You!

A phone-call from the other side

Geordi: Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more.
Why wont you talk to me

So long Marianne...

Wiggly Worm: All good matyrs are dead, KILL ME!!! KILL ME!!!
Stage crew rushes on and restrains Wiggly Worm.
Wiggly-Worm: Okay officer, I'll go quietly.

A marvel of the modern age

Curtains abruptly snap shut, lights flicker then die.