The Vengeful Toad

Act III, Scene I

Curtains draw on a magnadoodle(tm) HOOOTEEERRRSSS!!!!!!!
Geordi : Yep, you can get yourself fixed up right over here...
Rasputin : HOOTERS!!!
Geordi and Rasputin play madman's backgammon (compulsively)
noodle soup is three
chorus : HOOTERS!!!
christians light candles to save Geordi's and Rasputin's souls
Geordi : Where the fuck did they come from?
Rasputin : Why the fuck do you care you fuck!? (copyright Ricki Lake (1998))

Act III, Scene II
Introducing The Legions of Zarathustra: Shoot to kill!!
Introducing The Watties Reps: Can your anger. CAN!!!!!!
Watties Rep: FouR!?
Rasputin: FOur?!@
A Miscelaneous Unintroduced Character: fouR!!!??%^?
The Accumulated Mana brought about by the Un-announced unification of the Sub-Comitties of the Conglomeration of the Legions associated with the Legions of the Zarathustra: 4?
Someone else: wha?
Geordi: I wish we could put Twist on the fuckin' play! >:(
Carlton: Silly spider. Tricks are for kids! :(
Dolby surround sound encompasses the unfortunate in dribbles of "twaAAA" and "woopAHHH!!!!!!!!" (ass)
Rasputin's Facial Hair: Sod. I cant speak. The only non speaking part and I have to have it. Fuck you all. FUck you all to hell.
Geordi : I'll drink to that
sleeping un-necessarily; Geordi wakes up and smells the homosexual

Act III, Scene III

No Spleen Jean: Ow for i have no spleen. And so it was... written and... so...i.t...was...done...
Aside:Something big but green falls over
Eat your Grouts!! you worthless pile of maggot. Period.
Jar Jar Binks:Meesa weesa teesa blees....
Rasputin: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rasputin parries thrusts and jabs his way into the intimate orrficaes of Jar Jar Binks soul!!!!!!!!!!! HIS SOUL!!!!!!!!
* Jar Jar Binks dies.
Im sorry. I cannot do that Dave

Act III, Scene II plus III minus I

The exit lights flash intimitantly whilst the "no smoking" signs spark flourescent shades of green, blue, and not to mention green. Oh i did. ok bye
Rasputin : SCREW THE STARVING!!!!!!
Geordi : You wouldnt be saying that if your hand was tied to that big thing over there
That thing over there:Yellow ribbon yellow ribbon yellow ribbon
Rasputin: .__ .... . _. _ .... . ... . ._ ... ._ . ... _ ___ ._. __ _.__ _ .... . .._. .. ... .... . ._. __ . _. ... _ ._ _.__ .... ___ __ . ._ _. _.. .._. .. _.._ _ .... . .. ._. _. . _ ...
The Accumulated Mana brought about by the Un-announced unification of the Sub-Comitties of the Conglomeration of the Legions associated with the Legions of the Zarathustra departs in a fit of anxiety

Geordi: Oh the angst of it all
Rasputin: How goth of you.

Geordi and Rasputin have an in-depth (and not all that un-pleasant) conversationm on death and the afterlife

Pluck the finest one, for the finest one will pluck you given half the chance
That guy from the love boat (the doctor) says something like "HeLLo thERE!!!!!" and quietly departs

whilst in the state of denial remember all that have come before you this day, and say all but 'nay'
Geordi : Do you want the other one here?
Rasputin : What's that?
Geordi : YES!!!!
Rasputin : I dont want your freedom
Geordi : What's that?
Rasputin : :(
Geordi: :(
The Watties Rep: That puts an end to that then.
Exits The Watties Rep in a puff of Prozac

Act III, Scene V

You see a rock and a ledge...
Geordi : Knit one pearl one
Rasputin : We'll have none of that round here

Geordi knits the Eiffel Tower

Rasputin (whispers to the kumara): He really IS the chosen one!
KuMAra : DonT BE so STUpiD!!!!!i!
Geordi : Finished that joint yet?
Rasputin : *puffing noise* no *puffing noise* no *puffing noise* no wait *puffing noise* nnnnnnow im done.
Geordi : About time!

Rasputin gets the munchies...

Rasputin : oh man ive got the munchies!

...and then eats Geordi

Geordi :Ow!@ Quit it! *death*
extra dives infront of geordi, taking a munching in the chest. They BOTH die. How pointless to mention.
Geordi : *silence*
Rasputin : You're no fun anymore now you're dead *crazed glare*

Big Brother looks over Rasputins shoulder
Rasputin throws a ball at "dead geordi"

Rasputin: I guess it's just you and me.
(character): (line)
those who were before this were unaware of the beauty of now and the ever-present state of the future
Blood stained curtains close,

Rasputin (behind the curtains, singing) : Lipstick on your collar...

A Rasputin appears before the blood stained curtains

Rasputin (still singing!) : ... told a tale on you...

Fade the hell out damnit

*fading noise*