Six and One

Act II, Scene I

Curtains draw on a deep underground dungeonesque dwelling a higher being
Geordi : The plot thickens.
Rasputin : And how!
Geordi and Rasputin travel back in time to fight alien beings from another dimension
within fate
chorus : Hurray!
Geordi and Rasputin trek for 40 days and 40 nights
Geordi : You gotta lose that zeero and get yourself a heero.

Act II, Scene II

Curtains draw on a state of being not happiness nor defeat yet somewhere inbetween
Rasputin : And now we're even, my friend.
Geordi : I'll drink to that
death row
choir girls sing the blues in an enormous paper bag

Act II, Scene III

No Neck Joe : Human life, it is, so frail! like lEAVES, on A tree!, like spider webs, forgotten dreams, in, the mists, of time, like sands through the hour glass... am i getting paid for this?
commotion, loud thud
terror lurks to the left Geordi (to Rasputin): You take his head, I'll get his feet.

Act II, Scene IV

Curtains draw on something
Rasputin : When the seas are stormy, the fishermen stay home and fix their nets.
Geordi : I am stuck to the wall.
Lightning strikesabandon all hope ye who enter here
Geordi : Ow, mein lieben.
Rasputin : I'll have what she's having!

Act II, Scene V

Trans-dimensional aliens terrorise major towns and cities.
Geordi : Are we there yet?
Rasputin : Each day at a time.
thank god for tab completion
Geordi : Finished that joint yet?
Rasputin : Ah yeah, we'll get you fixed up right here.
extra dives infront of geordi, taking a bullet in the chest Geordi : While you twist, you do not turn.
Rasputin : Shut up white boy.
the inner mind
Curtains close and stuff