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Support One Short Of A Llama
If you are one of the many people who run your own web server just for the purpose of serving up pictures of last-weeks party at your friends house and photos of females you met on IRC then you may wish to consider donating the document root index file to One Short Of A Llama. You can choose from either the static HTML version, or the PERL version which prints a random line from a fortune cookie file (the same one our main page uses).

Make every hour of your existance that bit more painful by installing T, dread waking up everyday to the random incoherant messages it displays, or just dread waking up regardless of this program.

Thought for the Day
One Short Of A Llama's own fourtune cookie program

Skarie Sdorie Thyme
A command line utility that produces randomly generated stories using plots and character devalopment akin to that used in infomercials.