These are sites who are either hosted on this server or are otherwise affiliated with One Short Of A Llama in some way. If your website links to us and you wish to be included here; mail (admin@osoal.org.nz) with the relevant information.

  • spliced.osoal.org.nz   The Abyss
    David's (Kismet) homepage, a manifest vision of a tortured soul, the silent scream of a falling angel with a laryngectomy. This is the last refuge of fugitive thoughts. Basically it's just a crap load of awful poetry for your amusement. Owner/Contact: (david@osoal.org.nz)

  • db.osoal.org.nz   My first Homepage(tm)
    DeadBeef's homepage. An peek into the life and times of a shed-dweller called Lincoln, his website also contains a brief guide to the Internet and a dot. Owner/Contact: (db@osoal.org.nz)

  • catch-22.osoal.org.nz   :(
    Catch22's homepage. How to be pathetic using HTML. Owner/Contact: (llama@osoal.org.nz)

  • bison.osoal.org.nz   Secondary Webserver
    This is the secondary webserver for One Short Of A Llama, its main page consists of our logo a link back to the main site. Not very exciting. Owner/Contact: (llama@osoal.org.nz)

  • opium.osoal.org.nz   D-Folt Website
    Opium's homepage. Pictures of Simon, pictures of Simon's family and pictures of large chrome balls. Also; News of the World(tm). Owner/Contact: (opium@osoal.org.nz)

  • moose.dyn.osoal.org.nz   Moose Homepage
    This site is not affiliated with One Short Of A Llama even though DeadBeef set the machine up and it uses a dyn.osoal.org.nz address. Owner/Contact: (opium@osoal.org.nz)

  • maharg.osoal.org.nz   maharG's GNU Homepage
    maharG's homepage. Grahams site is under construction and has been for many years, it would also appear that content was disappearing rather than being added. Owner/Contact: (maharg@osoal.org.nz)

  • sw.osoal.org.nz   Wake up in the dark...
    This website was made using pico(1), its sole reason for existence is to host pictures of people we do not know getting drunk. Owner/Contact: (chrism@greenpages.com.au)

  • shakesbeare.osoal.org.nz   Welcome to my portfolio site
    Shakesbeare's homepage. Pictures and JavaScript. Owner/Contact: (gconstable@xtra.co.nz)